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E-Learning & Brexit

With social, economic, political and demographics all playing their part, there can be no question that there is an increasing pressure on the care industry to meet the demands of a changing and aging population.

We have a shortfall on many levels of health and social care staff, not least in support work, nursing and medicine.

Brexit, has for many of us, highlighted concerns and eroded confidence in the UK being a great place to come for a career in the care industry. There is no question that non-UK citizens play a critical role in our society, not least in our health and social care services. Their contribution to our organisation is one we could not do without, nor would we want to.

A part response to the changing environment of care and the staff shortages is also looking at ways in which we can still maintain a competent and educated workforce. E-Learning has become increasingly present in the workplace and the Jeesal Training Centre is no exception to this trend.

We have been running with ‘My Learning Cloud’ for over two years now and there are now 34 training events, a full care certificate programme, plus access to all your Policies and Procedures available on your account. This enables you to refresh many of your courses, on-line and at your own pace. The training team work closely with our learning platform provider to ensure that the service you receive is improving and although we have our ‘troubles’, there can be no doubt that e-learning has found a place in education and will continue to grow, both in need, and for some, as a preferred learning style.