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New Policy Development - Social Media

The emergence of social media in the last decade has been embraced by all of us as well as the wider global community; with the ability to communicate instantly to friends and family around the world, allow us to access news quicker and faster, enabling users to promote their businesses more quickly and effectively, its no wonder social media keeps growing in influence in our daily lives. Facebook has made such an influence to the world that it has even been accused of allowing other countries to use the platform as a tool to meddle with America’s presidential elections in November 2016.


In recent news Facebook has again come under the spotlight for the wrong reasons with this time it being accused of allowing a consulting firm Cambridge Analytica to access more than 50 million Facebook profile users personal data without their knowledge or consent. This news has caused an uproar among Facebook users and many others with some users even posting on Facebook itself #DeleteFacebook. All of this has rightly got many people concerned about the data they share on social media and just how secure it is, that being said, we should all ensure we are extra diligent with the data we share on our social media pages, regardless of Facebooks accountability in keeping it safe.


There are many long debates people could have over the usage of social media with not a lot of conclusion, as despite our love affair with some of these platforms, they have not been around an awful long time to answer a lot of the questions that are raised. At the last Board meeting a new Social Media policy was developed to act as guidance for all staff on usage of social media.


The policy can be found on: My Learning Cloud