Cawston Park: Research Forum

Cawston Park; Research Forum As an award winning specialist service in mental health and complex needs we have processes in place to help us achieve our goals. One of which is the introduction to the research forum here at Cawston Park.


This forum is an opportunity for people interested in completing research to meet, discuss and exchange ideas about their research as well as promote collaborative working. We also want to help motivate people to set achievable targets, gain experience and knowledge about completing research in a clinical setting and support them to produce outputs which can be disseminated to a wider audience. Where appropriate, the forum can also act as a preliminary peer review process for any people who have a paper which they think is ready for publication or a place for people to practice delivering presentations or symposiums.


Finally, the forum will try to act as an informal learning environment where attendees can discuss and learn about different types of research and research method as well as learn more about statistics and statistical analysis.



The forum has been running since July 2017 and, on average has 5 attendees per session ranging from 3 to 8. The regular attendees consist of people primarily from psychology and therapies with some other departments such as psychiatry and Q and A attending where possible.


How does this forum benefit our service?

This platform encourages discussion on best practice that shape the quality of the care we provide. Having different types of professionals with a variety of expertise and experience is an effective and productive way to share and gain knowledge. Furthermore, the research gained will be applied to build independence and everyday life of the people in our care. Research from such platforms have directly contributed to our positive behaviour support plans. We aim to keep this process active to ensure that we are up to date with the latest research in mental health.


As a Specialist service in mental health and complex needs this will continue to be a valued and used platform within our service. It is our aim to ensure that skills and knowledge acquired contribute to helping individuals within our care transition back to the community and ensure a sustainable discharge.