Employee Of The Month

As part of our People and Culture strategy, we at Jeesal have been working hard to find ways in which we can reward our valued employees. In addition to our current employee benefits we want to go a step further to show our appreciation to staff by allocating a budget which is controlled by staff. 


We understand the pressures of being a key worker in these unprecedented times therefore we launched the Employee Of The Month program. 


The way the program works is simple. If I am an employee and I notice my colleague demonstrating outstanding work practise, I can nominate them to be the employee of the month. 


Below is a list of people nominated this month and the reasons. Out of this list a panel will decide 3 winners 



Value and reason

Alicia Cattermole

Care and Innovate – Alicia has been doing a lot of activities with patients and has recorded these very well. She has also been part of a lot of group sessions and led these well. It is a great example of making a positive difference and being proactive.

Angela Daniel

I would like to nominate Angela Daniel for her dedication to the patient's group at Cawston Park, always "thinking outside the box" and working with patients in a very caring and person-centred way. Angela has shown her skills and knowledge about the patients especially lately when she prevented what could be a serious incident with a patient in the bus, when on section 17 leave.


Angela Daniel

Care and Innovate - Angela has been running regular cooking sessions and other activities with patients, particularly at weekends. It is a great example of how we make a positive difference in people’s lives and how we are proactive.

Cali Gilbert

Demonstrate – When staff were being rotated from nights/days Cali was the first person to step forward and go onto nights. Since this time, she has been doing very well on the night shift and has had a lot of praise from fellow peers. She has demonstrated respect for her peers and a team ethic attitude.

Dan Turcu

Demonstrates himself as very experienced with a great communication skill, which is very important in our workplace. 

Reliable and responsible employee. Planning well and full of great ideas during the shift, always careful regarding safety of patient and colleagues. 


Debbie Kiley

Care and Innovative – Debbie has been working hard in conjunction with the MDT team to ensure that patients transition plans are right for them. She has been very proactive in this area using her skills and experience for better outcomes for patients.

Emma Went

For all her hard work in holding things together, keeping order, caring for the patients and staff alike, and doing it all with respect and grace.


Holly Wegg

For hitting the ground running.  Getting stuck in with no fuss, therefore demonstrating your work ethic.

Inci Baysal

Care – for encouraging patients to make positive changes as well as showing care and understanding to colleagues

Jessica Santos

Very caring and dedicated to her job, always helping and she works very hard. I think she deserves it.

Jessica Santos

Demonstrates all four values.

Kamil Bayri

Innovate – Vee came up with an idea and within two weeks Kamil worked with Vee to get this up and running. This demonstrated great teamwork and drive. Kamil’s drive to get this implemented is a great example of how we are proactive.

Mariza Oliveiro

Dedicated to patient care and promotes independence on a daily basis.

She works so hard, does a lot of overtime and is dedicated to the role.

She demonstrates the core values of a support worker and leads by example.

I have learnt a lot from Mariza over the years and I feel she deserves Employee of the month more than anyone this month.

Mariza Oliveiro

Show all the 4 values. One example is every time that I go to bungalow to help on breaks or overtime they make sure all the time if I’m ok , they show care and respect for me as a support worker. They all the time tried helped me. They are hard workers. 

Mariza Oliveiro

Demonstrates all four values.

Modupe Hunter


Rocco Viscito

Amazing way to work. It's a combination of a huge experience in mental and health and sweet relaxing manner at work. Very supportive and helpful. Caring towards patients, well communicated. 


Sean Miners

Show all the 4 values. One example is every time that I go to bungalow to help on breaks or overtime they make sure all the time if I’m ok , they show care and respect for me as a support worker. They all the time tried helped me. They are hard workers. 

Sheeja Abraham

Care and Demonstrate- Sheeja has been leading the modular programmes for a long time now and is responsible for its success. It is a great example of how we are committed to building independence and also a great way to demonstrate our core values.

Sheeja Abraham

Sheeja shows the core values everyday by her example and practice with the patients. Sheeja demonstrates her passion which comes through when she trains staff in the PBS, along with this Sheeja works to empower care staff to be more proactive with the patients recognising that more can be achieved and standards improved by empowerment and deployment and further still by providing the relevant resources to make things happen in and on the units. Sheeja has shown innovation with creating new ideas and new approaches to enable staff (myself) to work more meaningfully with patients (AB and GH) Sheeja has also been the driving force and guiding hand behind the success of the Friday (CPMGP) Which of itself will evidence the efforts and work put in which support the core values as the syllabus is aimed at empowering patients to learn new skills that support their independence, wellbeing and personal growth.


Thomas Hughes

Care and Innovate -Thomas in partnership with Sheeja has been responsible for the very successful patient group sessions every Friday. This is a great example of how we embrace everyone’s individuality and how we make positive difference in people’s lives.

Vee Ncube

Innovate – Vee came up with the idea to have the staffing allocations completed using a cloud drive, whereby staff can access staff allocations on their tablets. This is now another process which is paperless and is a far more efficient and effective way to complete allocations. Vee’s idea that he was keen to share is a great example of how we strive for excellence.

Vee Ncube


He has demonstrated innovation by coming up with a better alternative to documenting shift allocations on paper. These are now done on google drive on his initiative. He also took the time to train all staff on shift for this. 

Violet Chikodzi

Innovate, Respect and Demonstrate– Violet has been PIC on the night shift at the lodge during some challenging times and has always been very proactive in leading the shift. Violet actively walks around the ward to check in on her colleagues.

Violet Chikodzi


She is professional, accountable, competitive and very respectful.

It’s a great pleasure to work with her, Violet well manage the high level of emergency situation, providing the emotional support. Passionate about her job, and simply she is a great as a person and women. 


Yana Harrison

Care and Respect – Yana has been praised by many colleagues for how she works with them. She has also always responded to patients with compassion and kindness.