Sensory Story Telling

On May 9th two ESDT staff Sajid Isikman and Thomas Hughes were privileged in being sent on the ‘Ambitious Sensory Story Telling’ course in London. This was initiated and supported by Occupational therapist Nell Moore within the therapy department.


The course content was informative and educational being very relevant to our current practice of running creative story telling session. It gave us both a greater understanding and insight into how to use stories creatively and inclusively to benefit those having preference to sensory experiences.


The course was run by Jo Grace who is founder of the Sensory Projects, her work is recognised both nationally and internationally and who has received some distinguished awards for her work in this field.


Sajid and Thomas commented that, what we have learnt and gained from this training will inform and improve our future practice in the creative story telling sessions and we are motivated to see this develop across all units for those patients who will benefit most from this approach.


These sessions will mostly support and benefit people with limited understanding of language because it targets a broad range of senses, in addition it supports cognition, communication, memory, learning and concentration. It is a fun and engaging way to support inclusion and social interaction for those at risk of isolation as it helps individuals in regulating their reactions and responses to sensory stimuli building confidence and self-esteem.