Service closure notice (heathers)

At Jeesal Group we have been offering outstanding services to our service users for over 30 years. Most of our services have continued to provide the same level of support and others have fallen behind with significant regulatory burden. We have recognised that there are significant adaptations required to align ourselves with the government's new model of care policy. 

In the last year we have developed our company strategy and refined our vision for people with learning disabilities to live a happy, meaningful and fulfilled life. Despite our best efforts two of our services have received inadequate CQC ratings and have lagged behind. 

The main challenge of these services have been the use of agency due to not having enough quality staff to work regularly at these locations.


Cawston Park Outcome

Following review, we have taken a decision to significantly reduce the registered bed capacity at Cawston Park. To ensure we have a strong team of core staff who share our values, with our main focus on providing outstanding care.

Heathers Outcome

Whilst as an organisation I have seen a great deal of support and camaraderie from other services, Heathers have been rated inadequate following further inspection on June 2nd, June 11th and June 16th. 

There are many things we can do to improve the service however there is one constant issue relating to the demographics of Heathers making it an impossible task to satisfy the needs of the service users. 

In order to limit the reputational damage caused by the consistent Inadequate services at Heathers. We as a senior management team needed to review the risk to the rest of the organisation. We have therefore decided to provide a closure notice and close Heathers as a service.
Tom Burns COO (Chief Operating Officer)  has been working closely with NCC to support a planned and safe transition to alternative provision for all our service users at Heathers and has confirmed that we will continue to provide a full service during the notice period which expires on September 14th 2020.
Norfolk County Council will continue to monitor and support Heathers during this period to ensure safe and effective care and support for all our service users.  The Locality Team have informed all relatives of the decision and have provided the reassurance that each resident has been allocated a named social worker to work closely with families to secure a smooth transition to alternative accommodation.

Going forward we are fully committed to providing outstanding care inline with our vision . I will continue to focus on working directly with all our residential service managers, while Tom will focus on Cawston Park.

 We will continue to create new services in line with the Transforming Care agenda to create new development and growth opportunities to our staff.

We will continue to communicate effectively and as always welcome our staff input and engagement.

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