Shift Allocations on Google Drive

Shift Allocations on Google Drive

Over the last two weeks we transitioned from documenting shift allocations on paper to having them accessible on tablets through google drive


Whose idea was it?
Vee saw that this was used in Heathers and wondered why we can't use it at Cawston Park. He brought the idea to Kamil and Sel


Why did we do it?
Vee saw that there was a lot of waste happening on paper. Each day a single unit could waste upto 26 bits of paper for shift allocations. A lot of waste!
Managers would also want an allocation sheet. However, the allocation sheet would often change over the day if somebody was off, injured, or if there was a change in patient activities. However, with the current setup the allocations sheet is a live document. Managers can see what is happening right now. Changes can also happen live.


How did we do it?
Vee approached Kamil & Sel with the idea of using shift allocations on google drive. Kamil reconfigured the tablets to allow them to access spreadsheets from google drive. Shared folders were setup where the current and past allocations were put in. Only the current allocation sheet would be visible on the tablets. Vee trained all staff on shift. Kamil created some user guides and communicated this to staff.


Any obstacles along the way?
Vee experienced a lot of resistance from some staff. They felt it may be a bit too technical or difficult. After the first day though they said it was much easier this way!


Any next steps?
Vee feels we can also include much more information within the allocations. The responsibilities each staff may have for the patient can be documented there too. 
Vee is also keen for us to use Google Drive for other purposes such as sharing updated policies and procedures. This is also something we can roll out to the JRCS homes.