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Jeesal Careers Blog

Parliamentary Review

Jeesal Akman Care Corporation Ltd. (JACC) was born from a partnership between two families in March 2010, the Akman’s and the Subramaniam’s. The company was formed to enhance the variety...

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Bonfire night at Cawston Park

Its that time of year where we look outside our windows and gather around local parks to watch fireworks and at Cawston Park this will be no different with the hosting of our third annual bonfire...

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Happy Halloween from Cawston Park!!!!

Wishing you all a fun, safe and pleasant evening. At Cawston Park we caught up with our Education and Skills Development team who had a fun-static weekend with a party.   Sajid - Creative...

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E-Learning & Brexit

With social, economic, political and demographics all playing their part, there can be no question that there is an increasing pressure on the care industry to meet the demands of a changing and...

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Cawston Park Research Forum

Cawston Park Research Forum At Cawston Park we are trying to develop to become an evidenced based service which makes regular contributions to the scientific community. Since July 2017 we have been...

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