Pandora Care Management System training day!

We are excited to announce we have been working with the Pandora X team to improve our care management system for better care. We have invited the Pandora team to attend over 2 days and provide training and support for our staff.

These are the latest developments:

Incident Reporting
The new incident reporting system combines multiple incident reports into one thus making the whole process simpler and more user-friendly. This reporting system focuses on three incident categories (Patient Behaviour, Health + Safety, Service Provision) each of which generates the required fields based on the selection. A key development within this module is that it allows multiple restraints to be completed within one incident report and also accounts for a change of position during a restraint. This incident reporting system prevents errors throughout, improving the integrity of the data collected. Once incident reports are created this becomes visible via the incident reports list. Our new incident reporting system also highlights if an individual needs to be taken to seclusion directly from the incident report, this will allow you to create a seclusion record directly from the incident report.

Our brand new seclusion area operates in tune with our incident reporting allowing seclusion to be generated directly from the incident report. This new feature will generate reminders to complete initial, 15-minute, 2 hourly and 4 hourly reviews. Once each review is completed this will be visible in the seclusion timeline. Our Seclusion report feature generates a document including details of the seclusion, which is both easily accessible and printable.

Our brand new observations area operates in similar fashion to our seclusions. As you are able to make comments and these comments will appear directly in the Observations timeline. Observations can be assigned to or be assigned by employees themselves to set the observations they are currently on. This will ensure that they are monitoring the patient and leaving frequent comments on the observation timeline. This observation can be re-allocated to another member of staff in the event of a break or change of personnel. You can also create a seclusion record or incident report directly from the observations page. Our Observations report feature generates a document including details of the Observation, which is both easily accessible and printable.

Event date: 
Tuesday, 3 October, 2017 - 09:00 to Wednesday, 4 October, 2017 - 10:00
Event location: 
Cawston Park