Patients and staff being helped to reduce smoking at Jeesal Park, Cawston, near Aylsham

The initiative at Jeesal Park, Cawston is run by Smokefree Norfolk and supported by the Market Surgery in Aylsham.

Regular monthly clinics have been held and these have developed into training days to enable staff to become level two smoking cessation advisers. Staff are now working with Smokefree Norfolk to create a strategy to help patients and staff give up or reduce their smoking.

Specialist nurse Victoria Astley, who has been working with Max Curly, an activities co-ordinator at Jeesal Park, said: “We want to be able to give patients and staff support and to educate them into stopping smoking for the good of their physical and mental health and wellbeing.

“We believe it is important to improve patients’ quality of life and improve their development whilst they are at the Jeesal Park Hospital.”