Who We Are

“Our vision is for people with learning disabilities to live a happy, meaningful and fulfilled life"

We are a long-established health and social care organisation with great traditions, caring for some of the most vulnerable and marginalised people in our society since 1984. Established on firm family values and run by families that put people ahead of profits.

We have a tradition that embraces individuality and choice in everything we do. We believe having a caring attitude is not something we learn, it is in our DNA. Caring is not something we do it is the way we think about everyone and everything in our environment. This is in our heart and always calls us to action whenever we spot the opportunity to make a real, meaningful and lasting difference to the lives of those who are in need of our support.

This is not something we do because we get paid. This is what we do on or off duty wherever we may be.This is because we are Jeesal.

We work together towards one vision, that we all believe and embrace. We always want to do it well, then we want to do it even better.

We know what good looks like and we will constantly strive to be outstanding. We embrace each other's differences and our vision connects us together to make a real difference.

If you are reading this as an existing member of our team you are in the right place, we will work together so you will always remain part of us and grow as an individual as we grow together.

If you are someone who is thinking of joining us and you find the above to be true and attractive, then we want you to be part of our team.

If you want to be part of something special and are prepared to be adaptable and hard working and you share the following values;

Care, Respect, Innovation and always willing to Demonstrate these values. Then you are Jeesal and you should read my charter.

If not then thank you for reading and showing interest, we wish you well in your endeavours.

Jeesal Group CEO Staff Charter

What you should expect from your CEO

1I will promote open and transparent leadership built on trust

  • By introducing greater transparency in all levels of management.
  • By creating opportunities to be the best version of ourselves and to achieve our shared objectives.
  • By investing in the development of leadership skills for all our leaders.

2I will be demonstrating our organisational values with you all the way

  • By always operating in line with our shared values.
  • By adopting our values in everything I do.
  • By living our values.

3I will be empowering through people involvement

  • By giving voice and opportunity.
  • By participation and collaboration.
  • By good decision-making processes.

4Our management teams will have clear performance milestones

  • By setting clear objectives that lead to quality and continuity.
  • By encouraging high performance through learning and having the right tools for the job.
  • By measuring performances.

5I will be recognising and rewarding high performance

  • By introducing our approach to recognition and reward.
  • By ensuring that we have a culture of mutual recognition.
  • By ensuring we recognise and reward our outstanding people.

6I will ensure that our work is well structured

  • By ensuring all roles are well designed and fit for purpose.
  • By ensuring that all roles have clear autonomy to allow them to function effectively.
  • By having collaboration tools to increase and support team working.

7I will build and enhance our capabilities

  • By understanding people’s potential and having systems to maximise performance.
  • By supporting learning and development for all of our people.
  • By always deploying the right people at the right time.

8I will have delivery of continuous improvement at the top of our agenda

  • By improving through internal and external resources.
  • By creating culture to support continuous improvement.
  • By encouraging innovation and introducing reward programs.

9I will create a positive environment and promote sustainable success

  • By ensuring we are focussed on the future without forgetting the past or the present.
  • By always embracing change and innovation.
  • By understanding and adapting to the external context.

In return I expect enthusiastic, caring and professional people who embrace our vision and values. I expect that you fully participate in our plans and make a difference to the lives of our service users.

Love and you shall be loved, care and you shall be cared for, embrace and you shall be embraced.

We offer a variety of excellent opportunities
Join our careers and be part of a team that cares

Our History

The Jeesal Group was established over 30 years ago by Jeeva and Sally Subramaniam, who have dedicated their lives to providing person-centred care for people with intellectual disabilities. Their experience of working in and with the NHS and Social Services informed their philosophy of empowerment, equality and autonomy, which is the ethos behind their vision to provide support for people with learning disabilities, in a homely environment. These core values are the foundation upon which the Jeesal Group has grown to make a difference in this field.
Jeeva and Sally set up and ran the community based residential services in Norfolk, supporting some of the most vulnerable people in our society. What they found was that many of the people they supported were prone to long term hospital treatment and it was in 2010 that the Jeesal Group acquired Cawston Park with the aim of being able to provide clinical care and treatment and supporting people as quickly as possible back into the community.
Today the Jeesal Group supports people from across the country to build and lead better lives in the community, developing more community services in regions such as London with a supported living model approach in mind, as well as also developing outreach services with its range of care professionals.
The Jeesal Group also embraces the usage of technology within its care settings, with some services going completely paperless and using handheld devices to carry out everyday functions. The Jeesal Groups commitment to using more technology within its processes is based on the values of the organisation as technology allows the group to work collaboratively and transparently with all stakeholders, whilst also ensuring that the privacy rights of individuals are protected.
This innovative culture at the Jeesal Group is what makes the organisation so special as the group regularly challenges the status quo and strives to achieve and deliver better outcomes for everyone involved within the services.